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Servicing for All Makes and All Models made simple

It has never been easier to make sure your car is serviced and in peak condition. Using our more than 30 year’s experience of dealing with all makes and models of cars and the widely varying driving patterns of our customers, we have developed two car services that meet these diverse needs. We offer the FREE collection/return of your vehicle with all our services.

Ready To Go Service – from £99.99

(Suitable for all petrol, diesel, hybrid and fully electric variants)

This service has been developed to check over all of the important areas of a vehicle to make sure it doesn’t let you down when you need it - at a very affordable price. It includes checking engine, electrics, brakes, tyres, steering, suspension and exhaust as well as topping up all fluids and lubricating locks, hinges and joints.

Why Have a Ready To Go Service?
You should consider this if:

  • You’ve had your car off the road for long periods of time or is still off the road
  • You’ve only used you car very little in the last 12 months
  • You have tried to use your car but found that it has a problem including:
    • Dead battery
    • Seized brakes
    • Making a funny noise
    • Hard to start
    • Running badly
    • Has warning lights illuminated (Brakes /ABS, Engine Mgt, Oil, etc)

We can offer this service at this competitive price because we have removed some of the labour intensive elements and expensive items included in the Annual Inspection Service and are able to pass on these benefits to you.

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Annual Inspection Service from £179.33

(Suitable for all petrol, diesel, hybrid and fully electric variants)

We have been providing this comprehensive service to our customers for over 25 years and has gradually been refined to reflect the changes in the vehicles we maintain. All cars need regular inspection and maintenance and our Annual Inspection Service is based on manufacturers servicing schedules – just at a much lower price!

Many of the items on a major service such as oil, filters, spark plugs etc are no longer needed at such regular intervals or at all on fully electric cars and the saving we make on replacing these are reflected in the outstanding value price.

To see what is included click here

Your Annual Inspection Service includes TWO free Doctor Motor House Call / Brake & Tyre Safety Inspections within the year

Ask about our PCP pre-handover service

If your car is on finance and needs to be serviced before you hand it back, we can tailor a service specifically covering the items required. Call and discuss your requirements with our helpful staff.

Don’t wait until the service light comes on, book yours now on 01344 303300 and make sure your car is working at its best.

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