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Our convenient on your drive inspections keep your car safe and working efficiently

Doctor Motor House Call Safety Check - £9.99*

The quick and convenient inspection that checks all important functions of your car. For your pre-booked appointment will arrival in a fully equipped vehicle that has a battery booster pack just in case.

During the on the drive inspection we will:

Check/refer to any history if you are a previous customer.
Check wiper operation & condition.
Check washer operation.
Check operation of all exterior lights inc reversing lights, front / rear fog lamps, high level brake light, side repeaters
Check tyre pressures and condition.
Check bonnet release mechanism.
Check oil level / top up - if low recommend further inspection at workshop for leaks etc.
Check coolant level and top up with water only - if very low recommend investigation for leaks at workshop.
Check antifreeze strength - if poor recommend changing at workshop.
Check brake fluid level – if low recommend brake inspection at workshop.
Check battery charge & connections (if accessible) – recommend re-charge or replacement if necessary.
Check PAS level - if low recommend further inspection at workshop for leaks etc
Visually check condition of drive belts.
Check brake pad depth and condition (visually) if low recommend a brake inspection.
Check brake disc condition (visually) – if poor recommend a brake inspection.
Check for any binding /seized brakes – if found recommend a brake inspection.
Visually check underneath vehicle (where possible) for obvious leaks / damage.
Check starting (preferably when cold).
Check for obvious idling issues, noisy belts, engine noise.


Brake & Tyre Inspection

If you have concerns about your brakes or tyres we recommend booking a Doctor Motor House Call  We may also contact you if we believe that your brakes were getting low at the last service and should be inspected during the year. This Inspection takes place at our workshop and we will therefore arrange a convenient date/time to collect your car.

Your Brake & Tyre Safety Inspection includes:

  • Collection of your car
  • All elements of a Doctor Motor Health Check
  • Removal of road wheels for a full inspection of brake pad/disk wear & condition
  • Removal of brake drums (where appropriate) to inspect condition
  • Inspection of all brake hoses/cables/cylinders for leaks or corrosion
  • Return of your car

* Two FREE House Calls or Safety Inspections are offered to all Nigels’ Autos Service customers within one year of the service. Subsequent House Calls or Inspections may be charged at the discretion of the company

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