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At Nigel's Autos we have a variety of discount schemes that offer a wide range of valuable benefits and will help reduce your motoring costs. All of these schemes are FREE TO JOIN and the discounts and benefits are available to members of your immediate family as well.  Please contact our Service Reception for details of how to join the scheme most appropriate for you.

Current Discount Scheme Offers

To see our current special Discount Scheme offers Click Here. (Applies to all Nigel's Autos Discount Schemes)

Benefits of our Discount Schemes

If you join any of our schemes you will currently enjoy the following benefits:

  • See poster for our current MOT offer
  • 10% discount off servicing & many repairs*
  • Free collection/delivery in local area
  • Free courtesy lifts to work or home
  • Used car appraisals
  • Free car safety checks
  • Special offers to Discount Card holders
  • Discounts at other selected local outlets

* Terms and conditions apply contact Service Reception for details

Which Scheme Do You Qualify For?

Corporate Discount

You can join this scheme if you work for one of the major local companies or government organisations who have introduced this scheme for their staff.

This scheme is available for all car drivers over 60 or belong to certain local associations for those who have retired. 

You can join this scheme if you live in Bracknell, Crowthorne or Wokingham.

 You can join this scheme if you work in a shop in Bracknell, Crowthorne or Wokingham.

If you want to know how the place where you work or the association you belong to can offer the scheme to staff or members, please contact Janet, our Customer Care Manager on 01344 303300.

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