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The new MOT regulations came into effect in May 2018 and include a much more rigorous check on vehicles manufactured after 2006 of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) which is part of the exhaust system that stops the smoke that was once a feature of diesel engines. We believe this will have major implications for many car owners and may force the scrapping of what is otherwise a perfectly serviceable vehicle because of the costs involved with replacing a DPF unit.

The New regulations Explained

Under the new regulations any vehicle that has had the DPF tampered with, removed or ‘produces visible smoke of any colour’ will automatically fail the test. It is illegal to drive a vehicle that has failed (for any reason deemed ‘dangerous or major’) and doing so could result in a fine of up to £2500 or 6 penalty points.

If the DPF is blocked, the vehicle will fail the smoke test. This would be deemed a serious failure and the vehicle could not be driven until the DPF is repaired or replaced.

Let Us Solve Your Diesel Particulate Filter and Emission Issues

We are fully equipped to meet these new challenges and have established procedures that will prevent or rectify issues with the DPF unit so that they have as little impact on our customers as possible.

DPF Cleaning Service from £79.99
This new service can be done with the DPF in situ and involves removing the pressure sensor then using a special solution to clean the filter which typically solves 80% of DPF issues. If we are happy with the result of the cleaning we will guarantee it for 1 year meaning the car should pass on this point at the next MOT.

If we find that the cleaning process will not solve the problem, we are able to use the services of a specialist company to perform ultra-sonic cleaning. This requires that the unit is removed and sent away which typically takes between 3 and 5 days.

The service also includes using a fuel additive that cleans the injectors to minimise the risk of the unit getting blocked again and improve the emission performance of the exhaust system as a whole.

Benefits of a DPF Cleaning Service

  • Prevents an MOT DPF failure if performed before the test minimising inconvenience and cost
  • In most cases, cleaning will ensure the DPF Passes the smoke test and the car will pass the retest
  • Ensures that an otherwise serviceable car is not scrapped because of this component
  • Saves the owner spending hundreds of pounds on an unnecessary replacement
  • Peace of mind that there should be no issues at the next MOT 

The new DPF Cleaning Service can be booked either before the MOT is due or to remedy the issues if the car fails on this point. It can also be performed as part of the regular servicing schedule for you car.

Reconditioned Units
If the unit cannot be cleaned, repaired or is missing completely we are able to source reconditioned units which will be considerably cheaper than a new DPF

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