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Don’t let Air Conditioning problems leave you hot and bothered

When your air conditioning system is working correctly it will keep your car cool in the Summer and mist-free in the Winter. If it doesn’t, it has either lost its refrigerant or something has gone wrong. Either way you need it checking by Nigel’s Autos.

Air Conditioning Gas & Recharge from £59.99*

This identifies possible problems and leaks within the system by ensuring that there is the correct amount of refrigerant gas present.
* Based on pre-2015 cars with R134A gas. Most cars after this date will have R1234 gas which is more expensive and prices are on application.

This includes:

  • Checking the operation of the valves in both the high and low pressure circuits
  • Testing the system for blockages and moisture content in the oil
  • Testing the operational efficiency of the air conditioning system
  • Checking the condition of visible pipes / components for leakage and security
  • Removal and cleaning of the gas to remove any moisture and contamination
  • Recharging with gas and dye, and testing the system for leaks
  • Ensuring the correct amount of gas to the manufacturers specification

The dye used in the recharging of the system will identify any leaks, usually within a couple of weeks which we can check with a UV light. If we subsequently repair the system, the second recharge is free.

The price includes collection/return of your car in the local area

To ensure your Air Conditioning is at its best call 01344 303300

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